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Hi! My name is Bailey and I am Owner of Cashmere and Company.

Thanks so much for stopping by! It's really important to me that I know my customers AND my customers know me.

Born and raised in North Carolina. Proud NC State Alum. Go Pack! I like to consider myself a simple girl. A simple girl with expensive taste and an intent to shop affordably yet never sacrifice quality. 

I can remember when fashion became my thing. It was when I discovered what a 'boutique' was. The clothes - they were beautiful and needless to say, they broke the bank of this high school girl. That never stopped me from obsessing over fashion. I'd religiously watch shows about fashion. Project Runway, Fashion Police, What Not To Wear, red carpet events, etc. fueled my passion. I never cared about the awards shows. I was glued to the celebs and the designer clothing they were wearing. It was all so fascinating. 

My style embodies a collection of all things feminine, trendy, and effortless. Looks with this power combo make my heart skip a beat. A go-to outfit of mine is something I'm comfortable in. Ninety-eight percent of the time you'll find me in an over sized sweater/tee + leggings/gym shorts + sneaks. Can't beat that with a stick. 

My journey with you all is just beginning and I'm excited to share it with you. Cashmere and Company is my heart and soul and I take pride in offering genuine service to my customers. This is not a "get rich quick" plan but a plan of growth -  offering my customers top-notch customer service and the trendiest pieces of clothing/accessories at the best prices. 

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